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The debt enforcement process is often lengthy and expensive and your efforts can be easily undermined if the debtor claims to have a dispute.

As a result, creditors tend to shy away from debt litigation because they know costs can escalate if things go wrong. However, debt assignment is a viable alternative if you're chasing a large sum, but lack the resources to litigate.

At our own risk, Company Debt Recovery engages solicitors, barristers and other experts to commence debt enforcement and legal proceedings.

Litigating a disputed debt could easily cost £10,000 over 12 months and there's no guarantee of a favourable court judgment. In contrast and for much less, Company Debt Recovery will:

  • Take full responsibility of your debt
  • Chase your customer through the courts

We bear all losses, so you're insulated from any adverse costs, even if our court actions backfire. Speak with our recoveries team for guidance and advice on:

  • Debt assignment
  • Debt enforcement
  • Debt recovery

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